‘Elka’ is a word with dual meaning. On the one hand, the word means a pine tree, with needles evoking a similar appearance to knitting needles. In a totally different content, the word is used to describe someone who dresses flamboyantly. Elka – the perfect double-entendre for a knitting label that epitomises quality, not quantity.

Elka is a New Zealand-based knitwear label that takes pride in sustainability and crafting unique, high-quality pieces. Inspired by nature, music, and art, designer Kate Mischler incorporates only the finest locally sourced yarns such as possum, merino, and silk to create textures that are as wearable as they are luxurious.

We believes that possum fiber, known for its warmth and comfort, has been vastly underutilised in fashion. With Elka, she has created a collection that showcases how possum fiber functions in high-end fashion pieces, adding an undeniably elegant touch.

Elka's range of clothing features luxurious tunics, dresses, oversized cardigans, and more in earthy neutrals and dramatic monochromatic hues that are designed to flatter women of all ages and sizes. The generous drapes of fabric evoke a subtle sensation of movement on the wearer's body, making each piece truly unique.

At Elka, we don't follow trends but focus on timeless elegance, allowing women to make lasting updates to their wardrobe without sacrificing style or comfort. Shop our range of knitwear styles and experience the difference.