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Elka Knitwear

Founded by a knitwear artist, Elka was born from the desire to
create unique, hand-crafted, opulent pieces, utilising only the
finest yarns – Cashmere, Possum Down, Silk and Merino – Elka is as far removed
from a contemporary world of careless mass-production as you can get.

Elka offers limited edition pieces of wearable ‘art’; each garment
telling a story with its custom design inspiration, colour and creation.

For those who dare to be original, Elka garments spark conversation, solicit adulation
and will be treasured for many years to come.


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Luxury Possum Merino Knitwear

Proudly 100% New Zealand designed and made, Elka utilises unique local yarns such as possum down and superfine merino for their wearable textures. Possum Down is a luxurious fibre that is delightfully light and exquisite to wear, renowned for its warmth, comfort, and softness. Elka showcases how well possum fibre functions in high-end fashion pieces, with clothing that is structured yet soft - and imbues a timeless elegance.